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What Happens When Filing A PI Claim

You or your loved one have been seriously injured in an accident, and it’s because of the negligence of another person. In this difficult and uncertain time, you might consider filing a personal injury claim. Filing a claim can lead you to win the compensation you deserve and relieve a bit of the stress of an accident or injury.

 So what happens in this process? Here’s a look into what occurs when you file a personal injury claim, and why you need an attorney.

 Contact an experienced personal injury attorney

Typically, once you’ve been injured because of negligence, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney knows the process inside and out, and will fight on your behalf, file the claim, and provide guidance. For example, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster that wants you to give a statement, which could possibly harm your claim. This is one of many reasons going at it alone might be detrimental to your case.

 It’s also important to know in Florida, there are statutes of limitations on personal injury claims. So, contact an attorney as soon as you can following the incident.

 Gather and document evidence

Once an accident occurs, it’s crucial to make sure you seek medical treatment as well as gather and document evidence. This also includes keeping track and record of items like medical bills, costs of hospital or doctor visits, and income loss. This will be important in winning fair and deserved compensation so that you’re not left with financial troubles as a result of the injury or accident.

 Investigation into negligence 

Once you’ve hired an experienced personal injury attorney, the attorney will conduct an investigation into the evidence to prove negligence. Your attorney will know what questions to ask and what to examine when building a case. Having an attorney who specializes in the specific personal injury type, such as negligent security or premises liability, is also beneficial because they’ll know particular things to look for.

 Settlement or trial

Once the investigation is complete, the parties will sometimes seek a settlement. This is a way to settle cases without having to go to trial. Often, this is the preferred method because it can be resolved more quickly without the hassle of a trial. But in some cases, if a settlement can’t be reached, the parties have to take it to court.

 During the trial process, both sides present their evidence. It’s then left to a judge or jury to decide on if you win and what your compensation will be. 

 Boltz Legal is here for you

An accident or injury at the fault of someone else is incredibly upsetting and can leave you with stress, trauma, and worry. Brooke Boltz is an experienced personal injury attorney in Orlando who advocates tirelessly for her clients so they can move forward. Ready to file a claim? Schedule your free phone consultation with Brooke today.

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