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What To Look For In A Homeowners Insurance Policy In Florida

As a Floridian, you’re no stranger to rapidly changing and sometimes severe weather conditions. Whether it be the routine strong summer thunderstorm or preparing for impact from a hurricane, you know that circumstances can escalate quickly when it comes to the weather here. This is why it’s absolutely essential that you have a solid homeowners insurance policy as a Florida homeowner.

So when it comes to selecting a home insurance policy, what should you look out for? Read more below on what to know about homeowners insurance, particularly in Florida.

Choosing policy amounts

One of the biggest factors to take into consideration when shopping for a homeowners insurance policy is the policy amount. The amount of coverage for the dwelling coverage is going to be based on the value of the home and the cost to rebuild it in the event of a catastrophic event. There’s also liability, which is the section in home insurance that covers you if someone injures themselves at your home. We recommend a minimum of $300,000/$500,000 for the liability coverage. It is also important to check the amount of mold and water damage coverage. These are common areas where insurers put limitations or exclusions to lower policy premiums, but in the event of a loss, these coverages are very important. 

Review the policy thoroughly

Before you officially go with an insurer, be sure you’ve reviewed the policy thoroughly and the coverage is best for your home. For example, if you live near the coast where a hurricane would likely impact you, make sure you have sufficient wind damage coverage. This leads to the next point, which is crucial to know as a homeowner shopping for insurance in Florida.

Know that flood insurance is separate

When considering a homeowners insurance policy, it’s important to note that insurance for flood damage is not included in standard home insurance. Flood insurance is separate from home insurance, so if you live in Florida, it’s a good idea to invest in flood insurance in addition to standard homeowners coverage. 

This is especially important prior to the start of hurricane season, which begins June 1. Make sure to thoroughly review your insurance policy and know exactly what you’re covered for in the event of a storm. 

Remember to document in the event you sustain damage

In the event you do sustain damage to your home, be sure that you are documenting everything. This includes taking photos, videos and keeping any documentation of expenses related to the damage. This will be critical in filing a claim with your insurer.

Contact Boltz Legal if you have a dispute

If you’re a homeowner who has suffered property or home damage and your insurer has either delayed, denied, or only partially paid your claim, contact Brooke Boltz today. Brooke has spent years winning her clients the compensation they deserve, and she’s not afraid to tackle the big insurance companies. Set up a free phone consultation and start getting back on track.

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