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What Happens When Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim?

The ideal scenario for any homeowner is that their home will never suffer any kind of severe damage. However, this is not always the case. That’s why as a homeowner, you know that having a comprehensive insurance plan to cover your property and home is a necessity. This is especially important in Florida as we enter into hurricane season and there’s a heightened chance of damage from wind and rain.

In the event your home experiences damage, whether from a storm or other cause, what exactly happens when you file that insurance claim? Please read more below to learn about home damage, insurance claims, and what to do if your insurer denies your claim.

Incurring Damage

If your home has incurred damage, one of the first things you should do is fully document the extent of the damage. Take photos and even videos that depict the damage so you can use it as evidence when you go to make your claim. It’s also best to file your claim as soon as possible and make sure your policy covers the kind of damage you have.

If the damage you experienced is the result of a crime, such as vandalism, be sure to contact the police immediately so they can file a report. You’ll also want to make essential repairs, for example, covering a hole so rain or the elements cannot cause further damage. Be sure to document those minor repairs, as well.

Filing With Your Insurer

Once you’ve filed a claim, typically your insurer will assign a claims adjuster to evaluate the damage. At this point, they’ll likely request the evidence you’ve gathered such as photos, as well as a home inventory list. They’ll then determine the payments and often issue separate checks by category, such as for personal property damage versus structural damage.

It should also be noted that many insurance policies have an appraisal clause, meaning an appraisal is mandatory if one of the parties demands it. It’s not uncommon for the homeowner to have to pay for the appraisal out of pocket, which can be thousands of dollars.

When A Claim Is Denied

You pay regularly to have homeowners insurance so that when you need your insurer, you count on them being there for you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Even if you’ve done everything right in terms of taking inventory, documenting damage, and reporting your claim quickly, your claim may still be denied. If you believe your insurer is unfairly denying your claim, or they’re only paying partially, you should speak with an experienced insurance attorney.

Brooke Is Here For You

Brooke Boltz is an expert in fighting the big insurance companies on behalf of her clients to win them the compensation they deserve. Not only is she highly experienced, but she truly cares about her clients and wants them to be able to move forward. If you’re in a dispute with your insurer, schedule a free phone consultation today.

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