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Negligent Security

What you need to know about negligent security

The purpose of security measures is to keep people safe, whether it’s on a property or business premises. The owners of those properties or businesses have a legal obligation to provide reasonable security for occupants and visitors on the property. So if something occurs, whether it’s an assault, battery, or murder due to the owner’s failure to provide reasonable security, the victim may be entitled to significant monetary compensation.


Overview of negligent security

Negligent security is essentially defined as the failure of a property or business owner to provide proper security measures. This can include fences, locks, security cameras, adequate lighting, or security guards. By not having those securities and precautions in place, the owner is being negligent and has put the lives of its tenants or customers in harm’s way. 


Examples of negligent security cases

Some examples of negligent security cases can be assault or battery on the premises that could have been prevented if proper security measures were in place. Some of these properties could include schools, businesses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and more. Other types of cases in negligent security can be shootings, murders, sexual assaults, and more. 


Negligent security can also be claimed if a property owner was warned of suspicious or criminal activity on their premises and they did not put measures in place to prevent attacks.


Proving negligence and hiring an attorney

In order for the case to be negligent security, it must be proven that the accident or injury was a direct result of the lack of security measures. For example, if an assailant was able to break into an apartment due to a faulty lock, the victim could claim negligent security. It’s also important that the plaintiff is able to prove they were on the property legally. If they were trespassing and were injured, they might not be able to claim damages.


Proving negligence can often be difficult, which is why hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is a good idea. An attorney is knowledgeable about the process and what questions to ask, and they have the background in proving negligence. Having an attorney on your side to build your case is essential in making sure you receive compensation.


Types of compensation

Like other types of personal injury claims, the injured party may be entitled to compensation if negligence is proven. This can include financial compensation to cover the cost of medical expenses, hospital or doctor visits, property damage, and/or pain and suffering. Families of victims can also claim damages if their loved one was murdered or killed as a result of negligent security.


If you’ve been injured and feel it’s the result of negligent security, the time to act is now. Brooke Boltz is a seasoned, experienced personal injury attorney in Orlando who fights for her clients to get the results they’re entitled to. If you’ve been injured, schedule your free phone consultation with Brooke today.

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