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Common Reasons For Home Insurance Disputes

Homeowner insurance disputes are more common than you might think. Even if you have done everything the way you believe is correct, from checking your policy to documenting any evidence of damage or destruction, insurers will oftentimes attempt to circumvent payments. The result of this is homeowners bearing significant financial and emotional burdens, not to mention great distress. In short, it is an unfortunate truth that you cannot always count on your insurance company to be there for you when disaster strikes. 

So what are some common reasons for home insurance disputes, and what should you do if you find yourself at odds with your insurer?

Partial claims

A partially paid claim is just what it sounds like – an insurer will cut a check, but it isn’t enough to fully cover the damages. This is a common way insurance companies attempt to skirt around paying their policyholders, but it does not mean homeowners shouldn’t fight them to get the full amount they deserve.

Delayed claims

Another avoidance tactic that insurance companies use is delaying claims. They will often state that there are additional steps in the investigation process or demand unnecessary documents from homeowners with the sole intent of avoiding making the payment. Not only does this prolong the process, but it also contributes to an added financial burden on top of damages. For example, if a homeowner has to stay in a hotel while their property is repaired.

Denied claims

While all of the above scenarios are upsetting, this may be the most upsetting of them all. Often, without due cause, insurance companies will completely deny a valid claim. Like the aforementioned situations, insurers will cite obscure lines of policy or claim that there isn’t enough evidence to warrant them covering your damage.

Hiring an experienced insurance attorney

Having a dispute with an insurance company is upsetting, stressful, and very often not necessary. However, you don’t have to face it alone and lose hope. In instances like these, it’s crucial to consult an experienced insurance attorney. They will fight for you to make sure you win your deserved compensation. 

As you prepare to consult with an attorney, be sure to bring with you a copy of your policy and any evidence you have. This can include photos, videos, bills, and anything financial relating to the damage.

Having trouble with your insurer? Brooke Boltz is here for you

Having a dispute with an insurance company can be complex and confusing, on top of the stress you’re feeling about your current situation. However, it’s not the final word and you can fight it. Contact Brooke Boltz today if you’re facing a denied, delayed, or underpaid claim. Brooke’s top priority is helping her clients win the compensation they deserve and getting them back on track. 

Don’t let an insurance company get away with not providing you the compensation you need. Set up a free phone consultation with Brooke today. Fear no storm. Boltz Legal is here for you.

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